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A CF IL-8 transgenic mouse model for the in vivo long-term monitoring of the anti-inflammatory role of metallo-protease inhibitors and antibiotics with mechanisms of action similar to that of azithrom
Author(s) : Sandri A, Bergamini G, Ortombina A, Boschi F, Sorio C, Melotti P, Stellari F, Lleò MM
Address : Università di Verona, Centro Regionale per la Fibrosi Cistica, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Italy
Multiple Italian Institutions in collaboration.

Background.The possibility of monitoring the inflammatory response in a IL-8 transgenic WT and CFTR knockout (CF), non invasive, animal model has been demonstrated in a previous project conducted by us [1, 2]. 

Hypothesis and objectives In the past project we shown that the antibiotic azithromycin causes a significant decrease of the lung inflammation in that is capable of inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial virulence factors. Azithromycin is extensively used in cystic fibrosis as an anti-inflammatory molecule but several cases of azithromycin resistance have been reported [1-2], especially in patients using the drug for long times. It seems then important to identify other therapeutic agents to be used in nonresponding patients.


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