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Identification and characterization of LPS-neutralizing human peptides: potential tools to control inflammation in cystic fibrosis lung disease
Author(s) : Bosso A, Pirone L, Di Gaetano S, Pedone E, Notomista E, Pizzo E
Address : Department of Biology, University Federico II, Naples, Italy, IBB, CNR, 80134, Naples, Italy.
University Federico, IBB, CNR, Italy

Background. Host defence peptides (HDPs) are short cationic molecules produced by the immune systems of most multicellular organisms. They exhibit a wide range of biological activities from direct killing of invading pathogens to modulation of immunity. Chronic infection with P. aeruginosa is the main proven perpetrator of lung function decline and ultimate mortality in CF patients. HDPs, acting as anti-inflammatory molecules, could be able to block LPS pro-inflammatory activity attenuating inflammation and so limiting damage to host tissues. New potential HDPs have been identified by an in silico method and their biochemical and pharmacological features are under investigation.

Hypothesis and objectives. It has been demonstrated that many human proteins, with functions not necessarily related to host defense, are reservoirs of active host defense peptides. The aim of this study was to characterize structural propensity, antimicrobial activity, LPS neutralizing and anti-inflammatory properties of new human HDPs identified by a bioinformatic procedure that we have developed. 


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