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Phage Therapy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections in cystic fibrosis patients
Author(s) : Forti F, Briani F, Horner D, Ghisotti D
Address : Department of Biosciences, University of Milan, Italy 
University of Milan

Background and rationale. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most common pathogen found in the lung of cystic fibrosis patients (CF). The quality of life of CF patients largely depends on the success or failure of antibiotic treatment. Now, the alarming diffusion of isolates of P. aeruginosa multi-resistant to the antibiotics currently in use makes urgently need to develop new antibacterial therapies.

Hypothesis and objectives. Phage therapy, the use of the natural enemies of bacteria, is garnering renewed interest as bacterial resistance to antibiotics becomes widespread. This therapy, used for decades in Eastern Europe, can be considered as a therapeutic alternative or a complementary treatment to antibiotics in curing lung infections in CF patients. 


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