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An analysis of current guidelines in cystic fibrosis
Author(s) : Braggion C, and Terlizzi V
Address : Dipartimento di Medicina Pediatrica, Centro Regionale Fibrosi Cistica - Ospedale dei Bambini A. Meyer, Firenze
Centro Regionale Fibrosi Cistica

Background. A clinical guideline (LG) is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare; also in the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) world, scientific societies and organizations publish LG to give recommendations; since guidelines may have both methodological problems and conflict of interest our strategy is needed to choose which guidelines should be implemented. 

Aims. Evaluate the reliability of every single guideline produced within the CF;  identify the accurate documents and to implement its knowledge among the healthcare profession; produce a reasoned synopsis of the existing recommendations.



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