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Evaluation of the biological and therapeutic properties of mesoangioblasts-vessel associated progenitor cells- in the cell based therapy of the cystic fibrosis disease
Author(s) : Vezzali C, Celesti G, Bonfanti C, Antonini S, Barone C, Pesce E, Tomati V, Maiuri L, Egan M, Pedemonte N, Bruscia E, Messina G
Address : University of Milan, Dept. of Biosciences, Milan, Italy; Yale University, School of Medicine, New Haven (CT), USA; IERFC, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy
University of Milan, Yale University, Gaslini Institute

Background. Since the CFTR gene was cloned in 1989, several strategies for correction of CF lung disease have been explored. Among these, cell-based approaches are under investigation. Endogenous lung stem and progenitor cells have been studied although their contribution in the amelioration of chronic lung diseases is still debated. Stem cell-based approaches to treat CF have not achieved the efficiencies of delivery and engraftment needed for therapy. The reasons rely in the low cell engraftment in the lungs after systemic administration, in the small percentage of differentiated cells in airway epithelia and in the even less percentage of CFTR expression.

Hypothesis and objectives. During our recent works on a class of mouse progenitor cell derived from vessel, named mesoangioblasts4 (mMABs), we observed that mMABs, when systemically transplanted in healthy mice distribute throughout lung, trachea and intestinal epithelium for up to 2 months.The major aim of this study was the evaluation overtime of the engraftment of adult mMABs transplanted in CF mice, in terms of percentage of engraftment and persistence in time. As a parallel purpose, mMABs have been studied in terms of their ability to differentiate in epithelial cells and to express functional CFTR in transplanted CF mice, thus resulting in a general amelioration of the pathology. The whole study aimed to develop a cell therapy approach for patients affected by CF.


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